Thursday, July 19, 2007

History in the Making?

Governor Rick Perry sends a message that he may be running for Governor of the state...again. If the winner of the election, Perry will have held the office for the longest amount of time ever. What does this mean for others who are considering running for office and for the future of Texas?

This article will spark a lot of debate within yourself about what is better for the state; electing a governor who has history and understands what he's trying to do and has been trying to do, or a fresher face and take on things for Texas?

So often people get wrapped up in the war and everything going on in our lives that we forget about elections and don't pay close enough attention to what is going on in our government. Then, come election time, people don't feel educated enough on the policies or people to vote. Start educating yourself now so when the time comes, you can make a decision and cast your ballot.

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KSeago said...

Nice start. You've got your blogrolls appearing twice. Once is enough....