Friday, July 27, 2007

What's Next for Education?

Faculty and staff of community colleges across the state are up in arms because their funding is about to be cut, significantly. The state government is considerably lowering the allocations the colleges will receive in the upcoming year. Community colleges are fighting for more money but they must turn in their budgets by September 1st. Will the state legislature make a decision in time?

I find this article astonishing. Education always seems to be such a big deal to everyone, however the government is contradicting themselves by cutting the budgets of community colleges. What message does this send to the students who may not be able to make it to a public or private, four year university? That their education will suffer from lack of funds meaning less resources and bad learning environments? Community colleges are an important stepping stone for many people to step out into the real world. They provide classes at night and online, that are more convenient and not to mention cheaper for those who want to pursue their education but are not able to attend a large school for whatever circumstance they may have.

Community colleges across the state also offer opportunities for students to pick up hours while they are home for the summer from school or for high school students to gain college credit before they actually get there. They are imperative to the average college student's career for whatever reason they may have. For the state to cut their funding the the benefits of the professors is a step backward in education. If anything, the state should be looking into all the things community colleges can offer a person and be increasing funding. This would keep tuition down and allow the colleges to get their hands on better resources. Both of these things will encourage more people to attend community colleges and boost our states college enrollment rates, for the newly graduated and not so newly graduated that wish to go back and take some classes to advance in their career or just for the sake of learning.

If education is as important to the government as they claim it to be, then they need to step up and prove it. Actions speak louder than words.

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KSeago said...

VERY nice post. Community Colleges enroll 50% of the Higher Ed students in Texas. It's more than High School credit and those home for the summer....